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Blog Series Captures Remarkable Stories from the Field: Public Heath Care Systems’ COVID Response

Millions of people in California, many of whom face financial hardships and complex health issues, have been safeguarded, supported, and cared for by those working at public health care systems since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

RUHS – Medical Center health care worker with a COVID-19 patient. Photo Credit: RUHS – Medical Center.

Our blog series, funded by the California Health Care Foundation, captures the remarkable stories of nurses, doctors, medical assistants, and community health workers at 10 public health care systems who went above and beyond to care for patients in greatest need.

Patients also share their struggles, progress, and perspectives to better our understanding of COVID’s personal impact.

The blogs include countless examples of the ways in which health care workers moved with nimbleness and speed to redesign care and meet the urgency of the moment. Some examples include sending outreach teams and mobile vans to the streets, launching massive testing sites and vaccine campaigns, converting hospital storage to clinic care settings, and expanding access to telehealth.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this historic series.

Articles by Aisling Carroll