Public health care systems are on the frontlines of the coronavirus.  Please click here for more information on local impact.

Photo: Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System


The essential safety net mission and mandate of California’s public health care systems is to provide the highest possible quality health care to everyone, regardless of insurance status, ability to pay, or other circumstance. To achieve and sustain this work, public health care systems must be models of integrated care that are high value, high quality, patient-centered, efficient and equitable, with great patient experience and a demonstrated ability to improve health care and the health status of populations.

CAPH’s policy and advocacy agenda has a strong focus on creating and sustaining policies and programs at both the state and federal levels that promote high quality health care and continuous quality improvement within California’s public health care systems, as well as the payment reforms that will help drive these efforts.

The coverage landscape created by the Medi-Cal expansion under the Affordable Care Act has allowed California’s public health care systems to focus investments on better care coordination, and improved health outcomes for patients, through an emphasis on primary and preventive care. A large focus of our policy work has been on trying to ensure that this progress, and the coverage that enables it, is protected and strengthened.

Another focus of our policy work has been on the implementation of the federal Medicaid Managed Care Rule, which impacts the way California’s public health care systems receive critical funding.

CAPH has also been a driving force behind the development and implementation of the state’s section 1115 Medicaid waiver, Medi-Cal 2020, which could provide up to $7.1 billion in federal funding for programs designed to help providers including California’s public health care systems improve care provided to low-income Medi-Cal and uninsured patients.

CAPH’s policy and advocacy efforts are informed by the work and expertise of our 501(c)(3) affiliate and quality improvement partner, the California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI).