CAPH Urges State Leaders to Prioritize Funding for Public Health Care Systems in State Budget

As the pandemic has worsened, we have become increasingly concerned that public health care systems cannot sustain their robust, community-wide response efforts, while also continuing to provide hospital care to the state’s most vulnerable patients, including nearly 40% of the state’s uninsured and over 35% of Medi-Cal patients in their communities. These numbers will likely only increase as this crisis persists and as our state recovers. Even as we pursue all possible sources of support at the federal and state level, significant funding gaps for public health care systems remain.

As we are working to overcome the dramatic surge of case rates and hospitalizations and the enormous opportunity – and pressure – to administer vaccines as quickly and effectively as possible, we urge the Administration and the Legislature to allocate $300 million for public health care systems in the FY 2021-22 State Budget to offset unreimbursed costs associated with the increase in Medi-Cal fee-for-service (FFS) COVID-19 patients.

For more information, read our letter to state leaders outlining additional details on our budget request.