State Legislation

Each year, CAPH actively follows 40-50 health care related bills that could have an impact on California’s public health care systems, health care providers that serve a large number of low-income patients, or Medi-Cal beneficiaries and low-income communities.

The California Legislature reconvened on January 6, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Legislature recessed at the end of March through the beginning of May, altering the Legislative calendars in the Assembly and Senate. Listed below are several priority bills for which CAPH has submitted a position letter.

AB 890 (Wood) Nurse practitioners: scope of practice: practice without standardized procedures
This bill would give full practice authority to nurse practitioners. CAPH signed onto the Close the Provider Gap coalition letter in support of this bill.

AB 2537 (Rodriguez) Personal Protective Equipment: Health Care Employees
This bill would require health care facilities to maintain a year’s supply of PPE, and would impose fines of $25k per violation this requirement. CAPH submitted an oppose unless amended letter.

AB 3242 (Irwin) Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment
This bill would allow hospitals to use telehealth for 5150s.CAPH submitted a letter of support.

SB 803 (Beall) Mental Health Services: Peer Support Specialist Certification
This bill would establish professional standards and certification for Peer Support Specialists, and allow their participation in Medi-Cal. CAPH submitted a letter of support.

SB 855 (Wiener) Health Coverage: Mental Health or Substance Abuse
This bill would require greater parity for diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. CAPH submitted a letter of support.

SB 977 (Monning) Health Care System Consolidation
This bill would give significant discretion to the Attorney General over health care affiliations and acquisitions. CAPH submitted a letter of opposition.