State Legislation

Each year, CAPH actively follows 40-50 health care related bills that could have an impact on California’s public health care systems, health care providers that provide high-quality culturally competent care to millions of Californians, including a large number of the state’s Medi-Cal population and remaining uninsured.

Below are the high-priority bills CAPH is supporting for the 2022 – 2023 legislative session:

AB 32 (Aguiar-Curry): Telehealth: CAPH co-sponsored legislation that would make permanent a number of the telehealth flexibilities granted during the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) in the Medi-Cal program, including continuing the coverage of both video and phone visits at payment parity and across types. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.

AB 1900 (Arambula): Medi-Cal: Income Level for Maintenance: This bill would make it easier for low income elderly and people with disabilities to qualify for and maintain coverage in Medi-Cal. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.

AB 1995 (Arambula): Medi-Cal: Premiums, Contributions, and Copayments: This bill ensures low-income Californians can access needed health care services by eliminating Medi-Cal premiums and copayments for children, pregnant people, and people with disabilities. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.

SB 872 (Dodd): Pharmacies: Mobile Units: This bill authorizes counties and hospital authorities to operate licensed mobile pharmacy units to provide much needed prescription medications to residents, including people who are experiencing homelessness. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.

SB 958 (Limón): Medication and Patient Safety Act of 2022: This bill supports patient safety and providers’ ability to care for their patients by preventing health plans from requiring that certain medications be delivered to providers for administration, a practice known as “white bagging,” or that patients pick up medications to bring in for administration, a practice known as “brown bagging.” CAPH has submitted a letter of support, however, the bill will not be moving forward this year.

Health Equity

AB 2697 (Aguiar-Curry): Medi-Cal: Community Health Workers and Promotores: This bill requires the Department of Health Care Services to implement a community health workers (CHW) and promotores benefit under the Medi-Cal program. Additionally, this bill would advance health equity by ensuring robust take-up of CHW/P services, which have been shown to improve health outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse Californians. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.

SB 1033 (Pan): Health Care Coverage: This bill requires commercial health plans to assess the cultural, linguistic, and health-related social needs of their members. These requirements would support efforts to identify and eliminate health disparities, improve health care quality and outcomes, and strengthen population health. CAPH has submitted a letter of support.