About SNI

The California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI) is the 501c3 affiliate of the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (CAPH), and supports California’s public health care systems in their efforts to improve the way they deliver care.

Since 1999, SNI has provided California’s public health care systems with expert-led program offerings, hands-on technical assistance, and peer-learning opportunities, while working hand-in-hand with CAPH.


SNI supports California’s public health care systems by informing and shaping statewide and national health care policy, by providing performance measurement and reporting expertise, and by accelerating and supporting decision-making and learning, within and across member systems. Because of its work, more people – especially the under-served – receive effective, efficient, and respectful health care regardless of their ability to pay.


By 2020, California’s public health care systems will become models of integrated care that are high value, high quality, patient-centered, efficient and equitable, with great patient experience and a demonstrated ability to improve health care and the health status of populations.